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Applehead Photography and Design

We don't believe in boring, and if you're here, we're pretty sure you don't either. We are Applehead Photography & Design and our unconventional eye for photo + video + web design gives you and your business the edge it needs to stand out in a saturated market.





we are philip and heather,

collectively known

by most as pheather

We're BFFs first, husband and wife second, and full time chihuahua advocates third. In 2017, we started applehead photography and design, a name honoring our beloved chihuahua furbabies. We have since dedicated our company to our sweet vader, whose little face and big heart will forever be cherished and missed. We started out the race as wedding photographers and deep down, we know we'll always be drawn to the trappings of a wedding,  but deeper down, we love the thrill of helping other small businesses succeed.


Our Kids

Wicket from Applehead Photography and Design


Vader from Applehead Photography and Design


Chewy from Applehead Photography and Design


Jango from Applehead Photography and Design



let's create art

You have a story to tell and we want to tell it in a way that not only is uniquely you, but in a way that reaches your desired audience. Maybe your profile photo was taken by your friend with their super old android and you know you look way better than that. or Maybe you've never ever had a website or maybe your website looks like it was made in the 90s and should be on the show what not to wear. whatever the case may be, we want to take everything that makes you and your business incredible and turn it into a visual and organized work of art that attracts the people you want. That's when work becomes play, is it not?

what we actually do


Our love for turning the ordinary into dramatic visuals gives us an edge in telling your business' story through still photography.


Our love for each other first began when we wrote screenplays together. Where Heather has the formal writing knowledge to make the story work, Philip has all the ideas. Being a filmmaker is more than just working the camera and editing the footage. It is first coming up with the story which is then made into a visual art.

web design

Organization, good photos, and amazing copy is what makes a website stand out. For most companies, the copy is bland and generic and the photos are stock. With us, you have the advantage of a triple threat. Plus, it gives Heather an excuse to make her parents proud and actually use her Master's degree.


we've made packages just for you

let's get the ball rolling

We want to be as pumped about your business as you are, so let's get in touch to see if we're a good fit.

serving Metro Atlanta and beyond





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