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Call Us Pheather

We're BFFs first, husband and wife second, and full time chihuahua advocates third. In 2017 in Atlanta, we started Applehead Photography, a name honoring our beloved applehead chihuahua furbabies. We have since dedicated our company to our sweet Wicket and Vader, whose little faces and big hearts will forever be cherished and missed. Even though a lot of the photos we produce are serious, anyone who's ever worked with us knows that the seconds before and after that shot was full of our ridiculous jokes and suppressed laughter. And no matter where we are in life, we will always be humble enough to eat Red Baron pizza and shop at the salvage store because if we're being honest, does it really matter if you're with your best friend?


lead photographer/editor-in-chief

Heather doesn't enjoy writing in third person or writing autobiographies, but sometimes we have to do what we hate. Philip wrangled Heather into starting Applehead in 2017 and though hesitant and shy at first, Heather has grown into her creative self and can't imagine doing any other job. She thinks the best part of photography is expressing people's memories as works of art and meeting a bagillion people she never would have before. Her chihuahuas are the way to her heart, but a huge serving of paneer tikka masala never hurt either and neither did  a tube of lip balm. When you message Applehead, she's the first person you'll meet!


lead photographer/master retoucher

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Philip doesn't have to write his own biography, so he's happy about that. Philip's 8 years in the military surprisingly prepared him to go into a creative field years after his departure from service. His natural leadership skills and off-the-wall ideas come into play in each wedding and photoshoot. Some have called him the creative director. When he's not obsessively removing every blemish from a photo, he enjoys splitting firewood and drinking excessive amounts of soda water. He's known for his exuberant wedding day attire by some and by Heather, he's known for baking Red Baron pizzas to perfection.


Our CCOs
[chief chihuahua officers]




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