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We are your dark and moody, but we're also way more


Boxes are great for moving, shipping, composting and putting food deals in at fast food restaurants, but we're not super fans of them metaphorically. At first glance, yes, our photos are darker than those on the website you probably just came from, but our intention is not to edit dark for the sake of fitting the "dark and moody" style. As artists, we are drawn to contrast, much like the chiaroscuro paintings by Caravaggio, and it is this technique of painting with light that highlights our subjects to produce feelings of mystery, romance, drama, timeless elegance and enchantment. As humans, we are drawn to and inspired by woodlands, dense forests, historic buildings and unique architecture, but our style isn't limited to only these places and aesthetics. Eloping in the city? Take us with you. You want a bright neon wedding? We'll blow you away. We are unconventional at the heart of everything. If you want your wedding photos to look different, feel different, and you love our artistic approach to immortalizing your wedding, it ultimately doesn't matter what your style is if you love ours. We are only as limited as you make us in your mind. And even still, we'll break out of that box, rip up the tape, jump back in with the flaps open and ride it together to the wedding of your dreams.

We are unconventional at the                        heart of everything.

What We Do Well:




editing your blemishes aka retouching

getting your photos to you lightning fast

taking care of you every step of the way

making sure Mom's happy



being flexible

natural light photography

low light and flash photography

eating all the food on our plate

taking care of our chihuahuas

What We Suck At:

being late

showing up to your wedding looking like bums

sitting on your photos for weeks after your wedding

taking vacations

being basic




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