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You just said "yes". what's next? next steps after your recent engagement

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

For a newly-engaged couple, planning a wedding can be super overwhelming (much like going to a buffet). You might have a starting budget in mind, but you could just as soon be standing at the base of Dollar Bill Mountain without your climbing gear. With what seems like endless options when it comes to venues, vendors, inspiration, guest lists, and more, being at the beginning of the wedding planning process can really ruin the excitement of that newly-engaged feeling. Hopefully these steps will at least send you in the right direction.

  1. Discover your vibe. The easiest way to narrow down your hunt for vendors is to choose the style you're going for on your wedding day. Do you want a look that is more rustic, industrial chic, timeless and romantic, traditional, or something completely out of the box? Once you decide the mood you're trying to achieve, look for vendors in those categories. If you can't see anything in their portfolios (flowers, cake, hair/makeup) that matches what you're looking to achieve, they probably don't specialize in that, but I will guarantee you'll find someone else who does.

  2. Find a legit photography company. Make sure they have a business license, reviews, a portfolio to show with multiple weddings in different lighting scenarios. Once you've done your homework, and you've found “The One,” figure out what days they're available during the month or season you're interested in having your wedding. [if you've decided we're "The One," make sure to contact us soon with our availability as it is constantly changing!]

3. Find your venue. Book your venue based on the those available dates that your photographer mentioned. I would also recommend that you contact the photographer again the day you plan to book the venue just in case the photographer had someone else steal your spot before you could book your venue.

4. Book your other vendors (planner, florist, baker, hair and makeup artist, DJ, décor rentals).

5. Find your dress! Altering takes a while.

6. Send out your save the dates (whether you've chosen photos with your photographer or not).

7. Work with your photographer and/or planner to solidify a timeline based on lighting for your specific coverage time/day of the year. Use your timeline as a basis for organizing the flow of your day. Consider what highlighted events you want to happen (i.e. ceremony, dinner, first dances, speeches, sparklers, etc.) If you hire us, we send you our planning guide and also create custom timeline options for you based on what you're looking to achieve.

8. Relax and enjoy this time of your engagement! You will never again have this special in-between time of girlfriend/boyfriend and wife/husband. Enjoy it. You've worked hard to get to this point in your relationship and you're about to embark on an incredible journey together.

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