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Wedding Day Tip: The First Kiss Creeper and how to avoid it

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

It happens at every wedding ceremony. There's the formal stuff, then the kiss. But what shouldn't happen behind every first kiss is an officiant's floating creeper face peering between the couple's lips. It just doesn't make for a great photo. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid an unintended voyeur behind you. So, here's another wedding day tip to help you get the Pinterest-worthy photos you want.

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First, when you figure out who you want to officiate your big day, make sure to mention that before they utter the words, “I now pronounce you..” they make a note to step to either their right or left out of the photographer's shot. You can explain that you want your photographer to shoot directly down the aisle for a dramatic first kiss and that you really want to be selfish because after all that day is about you two!

Side note: the price range for a wedding day officiant in the U.S. is $100-$400 depending on their experience level. However, you can very easily have a friend or family member receive their ordination online and conduct your wedding legally, and then enjoy the rest of your wedding day as your guest. The bonus on this option is that you can ensure and doubly ensure beforehand that they move to prevent them from creepin' on your kiss photo. And if they forget, you can give them an extra hard time about it and put their creeper kiss face on a custom Christmas card.

Before we leave the first kiss topic behind, be sure to hold that kiss for at least three seconds so your photographer can get a better angle if your officiant forgets. We hope you'll have an anti-creeper wedding and for more tips, check us out at

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