We are Applehead Photography and Design, and Our combination of directing and documenting provides our clients with photos of raw emotions and interactions, and allows us to truly get to know each and every person we photograph. It's pretty awkward to have your photo taken by a couple of strangers, but our hope is that by the end of the day, you feel like you had your photos taken by a pair of old friends. To us, it's not just about the end product you receive – it's about the adventure and the memories we created in order to do so.


I'm a little vintage, and he's a little modern, and together, we're equal parts music and lyrics. In 2017, we started applehead photography and design, a name honoring our beloved chihuahua furbabies. We both love splitting firewood and enjoying excessive amounts of black coffee. in our down time, you can find us treasure hunting at our local thrift stores or getting our pack of chihuahuas riled up at the resident squirrels. Check us out in action down below compliments of raphael coelho films!

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The Applehead Difference

You Get More than Just a "Second Shooter"

Other companies hire out their second photographer. Understandably, they choose someone that is competent but is also inferior than them so they aren't outshined. Though Pheather does have an ongoing competition on who will produce their client's favorite photos, you receive two "primary" photographers who are producing equally good photos and customer service.


Your Engagement

Let's make your engagement session extraordinary--something that captures the essence of your relationship and that is totally and only you. We're here for wherever you want to take us. Check out our gallery to see some inspiration.

Your Wedding

We want to show you what a whole day looks like with us. In each of our featured wedding galleries, you will see multiple angles, perspectives, and candid moments -- something that is characteristic of our work. we hope you enjoy looking through the cinematic storybook results in the following galleries.