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Our Favorite Ceremony Photos from 2021

I guess it has come to this. We have put off blogging for so long which is slightly ironic since I have a Master's in professional writing and all. We originally were turned off to the idea of a blog because everyone and their mothers had one, and we refused to be one of the status quo [reference our Applehead Bride quiz on the homepage of our website]. However, it seems like to take our business from Earth to Pluto [which is still a planet in my book], a blog is a necessary evil. So our goal is to make this the raddest blog you'll hopefully read. You'll probably like my posts better than Philip's, but I won't tell him and we can keep it between friends.

For this first post, I figured you guys already know us, so maybe we'll do a silly introductory post later, but for now, I want to share with you our favorite ceremonies from 2021. Also, we had the most weddings last year we ever had 30 total and it's all because of you. We almost lost our minds during the long days and nights of editing to keep up with it all, but I can confidently say, each of our clients had their photos back within 3 weeks of their wedding. Anyways, behold, our favorite ceremony photos from 2022.

  1. Blaire and Zach's Boho Inspired Wedding at Willow Creek Farm in Cleveland, Georgia.

Dark and Moody Willow Creek Farm Boho Wedding in Cleveland, Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer |

2. Tony and Ashley's Romantic Wedding at Cherry Hollow Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

Dark and Moody Cherry Hollow Farm Boho Wedding in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer |

3. Tanner and Dianne's Boho Wedding at the Retreat at Hiawassee River in Hiawassee, Georgia.

Dark and Moody Retreat at Hiawassee River Cabin Mountain Boho Wedding in Hiawassee, Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer |

4. Sara and Beau's Boho Wedding at Vezalay Mountain Venue in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Dark and Moody Vezalay Mountain Venue Boho Wedding in Dahlonega, Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer |

5. Leslie and Eric's Boho Wonderland Wedding at Rocky's Lake Estate in Woodstock, Georgia.

Dark and Moody Rocky's Lake Estate Boho Wedding in Woodstock, Georgia | Atlanta Wedding Photographer |

So what makes these our favorite ceremony photos? The common thread in all of these ceremonies was perfect lighting. Each of these couples planned their weddings about two hours before sunset. This leaves enough time (with a ceremony duration of about 30 minutes or less) for brief family photos and golden hour couple's portraits before sunset. If you're contemplating becoming an Applehead Bride, we provide unlimited planning assistance and provide you with our original planning guide, which has sample timelines and more. If you'd like more information on how to make your ceremony photos perfect for lighting, hit us up!

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